1. Cancellation of Installation. 


Customer is deemed to have made a booking upon payment of the deposit. 

Upon booking a non refundable deposit is paid. The balance will be due on the day of installation plus any additional charges or extras ordered (any reductions will also be taken from the balance on the day of installation). Goods remain the property of DogFence until all overdue amounts are settled. 

Balances due are payable on the day by cheque, cash or debit card. Credit card payments will be accepted but are subject to a 2% charge.

The non-refundable deposit will be carried over for a period not exceeding 90 days for customers who wish to postpone the installation. Thereafter the deposit will be forfeited. 

Cancellation or postponement of installation: 2 full working days notice of cancellation/postponement is required. If the booking is cancelled/postponed within less than 2 full working days notice of the installation, the installation fee will be payable less the deposit already paid. 


2. System requirements:


All DogWatch transmitters require a standard 240 volt power supply. The transmitter needs to be sited in a dry area. Outdoor & waterproof sockets are not suitable for use with the DogWatch system unless prior arrangement/discussions have been made and agreed with DogFence. DogFence are not liable for the installation of electrical sockets. DogFence are unable to offer the installation of electrical sockets – if in doubt it is the customer’s responsibility to contact DogFence prior to the installation date. 


3. Boundary Layouts:


Single boundary installations or installations that are not following a complete loop around the property will most likely require a “there and back” installation.” There and back” installations will require the installation of two cable (one running there and one running back – these cables must be placed a min of 2ft apart). Semi & attached properties may require a” there and back” installation or alternatively the property itself can be used to lift the cable “up & over” the roof line to obtain the loop. Customers MUST be aware that where the cable runs up the wall of the house signal may well enter the property and it is important to discuss any areas that your pet may need access to on the inside wall with the engineer. (this is to ensure that the cable placement does not interfere with your pets day to day movements). DogFence cannot be responsible for the movement of cables post installation if the boundary route has been agreed by the customer. 


4. Installation of Cable 


Installation price is based on burial of dog fence cable using DogFence trenching equipment (except where stated separately in the estimate). Hand burial is not included in the price. Where it is not possible to bury the cable using the DogFence trenching equipment the cable will be installed above ground using existing perimeter barriers. Where the customer requests the cable to be loose laid on the ground this will be done with the instruction that the cable could be prone to damage. 


DogFence endeavour to install the boundary cable to avoid cable breakage, however, DogFence are not responsible for to damage to the boundary cable after installation. Every endeavour is made to ensure that the cable is unlikely to be damaged after installation. Training flags do not mark the line of the cable and are for temporary training use only. 

DogFence requests that the customer instructs the installer on the placement of any underground wires, pipes, lines, electric gate cable or other items to avoid damage during installation. In no event shall DogFence be responsible to any damage to underground wires, pipes, lines or other items, nor shall DogFence be responsible for restoring Customers premises to its original condition. DogFence accept no liability to damage to driveway due to driveway cuts. 


DogFence are not responsible for clearing/removal of rubbish, shrubs, trees etc that are in the path of the desired route for the cable. Please note that at least 2 ft clearance is required in order to operate the trencher. DogFence are not responsible for the removal of existing fences on the customers property. DogFence request that the grass must be no higher than 12” on day of installation. (When the grass is over 12” the installer is unable to verify that the cable is being buried correctly). Once installed the grass can be left to grow to any height – grass height does not affect the operation of the system after installation. 


Where the customer requests that the cable is to be laid outside the property boundary or on neighbours land – the customer must ensure that the correct permission has been granted for the cable to be installed in this area. DogFence accepts no liability or responsibility for the movement of cable. Cable installed outside of the property boundary is installed at the customers own risk. 


5. Warranty 


DogFence subject to terms and conditions set forth hereunder, hereby warrants that it will repair, replace at it’s own discretion with a (nominal upgrade charge for units 4 years old) for parts or labour (postage charge may apply), the product (Receiver unit or Transmitter) which is found by DogFence to be defective by reason of improper workmanship and or materials (inc dog chews) for the lifetime of the ownership by the original owner for System. System 1200 and Performance Series Systems for the lifetime of ownership and for a period of 2 years for the GroundsKeeper transmitter, I50 indoor System and battery backup units. DogFence’s sole liability will be to repair/replace at its option any product or part which DogFence determines to be defective. In no event will DogFence be liable for any special, indirect or inconsequential damages arising out of the purchase or use of the product. In no event shall DogFence’s liability exceed the purchase price of the product. Customer must agree to use authorised batteries only: 

R1200 & R9 Receivers: DogWatch 3.6 volt or Saft LS14250 3.6 Volt 
R1200m & R7: DogWatch 3.0 volt, or Varta CR123 1/3N 3.0 Volt 


Use of any other battery will void the warranty. 

6. Lifetime Containment Warranty. 


DogFence guarantee to contain your dog for life provided that: 

a) the dog has been trained by a DogFence installer/trainer 
b) the customer can prove continuous use of the system, 
c) that the collar is fitted with an approved battery 
d) that the collar is fitted to the pet in accordance with the installers instructions. 
e) Containment guarantee does not apply to cats. 


Where the customers use their own battery DogFence will require receipts for purchase of batteries that prove continuous use. 


DogFence agrees to give ongoing support as deemed as necessary by DogFence in order to procure the safe containment of the pet. Customers who are not using the system in conjunction with the manufacturer’s guidelines or DogFence advice may be subject to a service call charge. 


7. Items not covered by Warranty 


The following items are not covered by lifetime warranty:- 

Loss of receiver unit 
Breakage of contact posts 
Loss of contact posts 
Chews to nylon collar straps 
Breakage to nylon collar straps 
Breakage, damage to boundary wire 
Power supply 


8. Use of System 


All aspects with regard to the function and use of the hidden fence systems are covered in the owner’s handbook. Customer agrees to use the DogWatch hidden fence system in relation to the instructions as laid out in the owner’s handbook. 


9. Payment:


All installations must be paid for in full on the last day of installation. No equipment will be left on site without payment unless previously agreed in writing by DogFence. DogFence reserve the right to remove any goods that remain the property of DogFence (not paid for in full). All credit/debit card payments will be taken in sterling/pounds only, any quotes given in euros will be converted at the current exchange rate according to yahoo at time of card processing.  DogFence Ireland will not be held responsible for any difference in bank exchange rates. A surcharge may be charged if paying by credit card of 2%. No charge for debit cards.


10. Refunds:


DogFence offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee – DogFence will refund within 30 days of installation the cost of the System (less cable & installation fee) if the customer is not satisfied. 



This product is not intended for use with dogs who have a history of aggressive behaviour. 

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