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Getting a New Dog? - 13/12/14 (Scooby - Collie dog and new dog)

If you are planning on getting a new dog this Christmas why not get your containment in place before your new dog arrives. That's exactly what our customer did today, they are getting a new 5 month old pup this Christmas and wanted to make sure they were able to give it as much freedom and safety as they could when it arrives. Remember that we recommend waiting until your dog is at least 4 months old before training your dog on the dog fence. Of course their existing dog and escape artist Scooby has got its owners thinking how they are going to keep the two dogs out of harm's way without chaining or penning them up all day. Even though there is secure sheep wire fencing right around the property and electric gates, it just isn't enough Scooby is still finding away under or around the traditional dog fencing. So after a bit of research on dog containment Scooby's owners quickly realised an electric dog fence was the best dog containment option. After hearing stories from friends about their dog fences not working etc. They decided to go with the only professional dog fence available in Northern Ireland, DogWatch hidden dog fences. Call us now for more info...

Unfortunately to late - 10/12/14 (Miniature Schnauzer, Westie, Labrador)


Today we installed a Performance Series DogWatch hidden dog fence for three dogs and Neal in County Antrim.  Unfortunately Neal's Bullmastiff had to be put to sleep last week after getting into a local farmers field and killing three pedigree sheep. Neal has always kept dogs and has never had any problems with his dogs in this way before.  It's always sad to say good bye to your best friend over something that could have been prevented by a simple and effect solution which is now in place and it’s good to know the rest are now safely contained in their lovely big 4-5 acre dog run. 


Sadly a lot of my customers look for the best solution to dog containment after a road accident, fine, sheep worrying or complaint... Don’t Wait!  If your dog is getting out of your property please get your containment solution in place as soon as possible, don’t wait until it's too late. You are responsible for your dog and its actions! Give us a call now to discuss your options.

Unconvinced customer - 06/12/14 (Coco - 4 Month old - Chocolate Labrador)


Coco's owners have a split opinion on the their new dog fence, Paul is not convinced that the dog fence will work whilst Anne is certain it is just what they need... After many debates about getting our fence, Anne eventually convinced Paul to give it try.


Coco will be getting some training on the dog fence over the next few days, after which I will be checking in to see how things are going and we are looking forward to hearing what Paul's opinion is then... stay posted to hear the outcome...

Here are a few reasons why to choose an electronic dog fence...


• Your dog has the freedom of the whole garden to roam and play, rather than being penned in a small area.
• No more worrying where your dog has disappeared to as you know it can only be somewhere within the boundaries you set.
• A dog fence costs less than picking up the bill for a road accident, fines for worrying sheep, and constant fines from the dog warden for straying dog etc.
• A dog fence is more humane than penning your dog up for long periods, a putting your pet at risk from getting knocked down or shot etc.
• Your dog learns to respect the boundaries you set therefore will only receive a correction on very rare occasion that it decides to check if it is still there after the warning sound.

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