How it Works

How the Dog Fence Works To Keep Your Pet Safe


A small transmitter box is installed somewhere on your property, this needs to be in the dry and plugged into a standard electrical socket (the fence does not pass any electricity through the boundary wire but the transmitter requires a small amount of power to run the system - average running cost 5 - 8p per day). We usually recommend that the box is installed in garage, utility room, tack room etc.


A heavy duty boundary wire is laid around the perimeter of your property and runs back to the transmitter box. If we are installing for the customer this is generally buried using our burial equipment. The wire carries a safe encoded radio signal which uses our patented FM technology. The signal can easily be adjusted to make the invisible zone larger or smaller (from as little as 2ft to 16ft). The radio signal is usually zeroed from the point at which the wires leave the transmitter box to the boundary and the signal is only "live" around the perimeter or the designated area.


Your pet wears a small receiver collar which is coded to only react to our FM signal. When the pet enters the avoidance zone the collar picks up the radio signal and gives the pet a high pitched "beep" to alert the dog or cat. If the pet continues further the collar emits a low static shock (correction). All our collars have flexible training levels and can be set to audible only and each dog or cat will have their own correction level tailored to their personality. DogFence systems are the ONLY system worldwide to give a 100% no false activation guarantee due to the patented FM signal. The FM signal does not use OOK (on off keying) and gives total protection around the boundary.


Through a simple training process, using audible and visual aids, your pet learns to identify and stay within his boundaries (cat training is slightly different using the patent pending training protocol). The pet learns to respond to an audible signal (a beep that comes from his collar). If he continues to go beyond the audible signal, he receives a mild correction transmitted through the receiver collar. To aid your pet the new boundary is marked with temporary training flags. All pets learn easily and quickly to respond the audible warning signal rather than the correction. There is no maintenance required for the system simply a battery change in the receiver collar every 6 months or 2 years depending on the receiver type.


DogFence Ireland are the only authorized dealer of DogWatch hidden systems in the whole of Ireland, North and South. These systems are safe for your dog or cat and they are effective at keeping your pet safe. Veterinarians, pet professionals and pet trainers all over the world own and recommend DogWatch Hidden Fence systems.

Whatever your pet containment needs is, a DogWatch Hidden Fence is the best way to give your pet the freedom he deserves while keeping him safe.

'DogWatch is the only radio dog fence to have NO unhappy owners throughout Ireland'

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