Dog Containment Options

Dog Run: 


Dog run kennels are good for short term containment as they have limited space. They range in price from approx £250 for a low quality dog run to £1000+ for high quality dog run. Your dog will need regular walks and supervised off lead play time.  Keeping your pet indoors will result in a similar outcome including regular toilet breaks. If you have a radio dog fence you will not need a run as the whole garden is the dog run.


Dog Chain:


A Chain is only acceptable for short periods of time, when you cannot keep a close eye on your pet for example while you wash your car, working around the garden or for short toilet breaks. Not a humane long term option.


Traditional Dog fencing:


Traditional dog fencing can become quite costly (£1000’s) depending on the size and type of fence you install.  Dogs typically find ways around, over, under or through traditional fencing and gates are always weak points. Fencing adequate for dog containment will leave your property looking like a fortress.  Traditional dog fencing containment is best suited for smaller areas such as town house gardens, for larger areas it is not practical.


DIY AM Radio dog fence:


DIY AM radio dog fences are a cheaper option to a professional FM dog fence system. It is a better option to a wireless dog fence as it is has a more stable boundary. AM dog fences have the disadvantage of interference from metal objects and are prone to false activation of the receiver collar giving your poor pet random shocks.  The receiver reaction time is much slower and can take up to 5 seconds to shutdown. AM systems cannot give the same containment guarantees as the reliable FM hidden dog fence. Battery life is quite short so you will need regular battery changes (or charging) which soon adds up to a costly system. The receivers are bulkier and heavier than DogWatch receiver collars, the lighter AM receiver collars usually mean an even shorter battery life. 


FM (DogWatch) Radio dog fence:


Understandably a little more expensive than some AM fences although you may find that our GK DIY kit is cheaper than some inferior AM systems on sale at local pet stores. Fully customizable to suit your property and dogs needs.  FM dog fences get No Interference to the signal, 100% no false activation guarantee, longest battery life of two years, 100% success rate, our receivers are the lightest most compact available, Professional installation & training service is available, you can get great advice from an installation engineer. DogWatch is the most advanced radio dog fence packed full of user friendly features not available on any other dog fence. As your pet is free to roam and play in your garden you do not require frequent walks and you can let your dog roam without watching it's every move, making owning your pet a much more enjoyable experience.  A DogWatch electronic dog fence gives your pet the maximum freedom and safety it deserves, there's NO getting around it!


Wireless radio dog fence:


If you think this sounds like a quick an easy option? Think again they are limited to a small radius from a base station placed indoors. The signal is effected from just about everything in its path walls, metal objects, dips or slopes etc etc. You can be guaranteed you will not be happy with the boundaries as there will be areas you want your pet to access that it can’t and areas it can access that you don’t want it to. The signal is so unstable you will find it hard to even to put the training flags into pace as the boundary is constantly moving which will confuse you never mind your poor dog trying to figure out where it can go without receiving a correction then put the random shocks into the equitation and your pet will be a nervous wreck.


Freedom of the country:


Last but not least is of course is giving your pet the freedom of the country to come and go as it pleases, visiting your neighbours, roaming the roads, playing with the sheep, chasing cars and walkers, sound familiar?  So many of us think this is acceptable until we get a complaint and a visit from the dog warden then it’s good bye to the friendly neighbour relationships.


So why wait? Get your pet contained the safest and most reliable way with DogWatch hidden fences by DogFence N.I. & Ireland.  

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