Our Bronze Package is designed to give you the benifits of our DogWatch Systems combined with our unique professional installation and training service at our most competitive price.


The Bronze Package includes our Groundskeeper system and R1200 receiver collar. This tiny but highly innovative system is ideal for customers with a small area to contain, or to exclude your pet from crossing areas such as driveways, pool areas or flower borders or for properties under 1 acre (300m). 

GrounsKeeper transmitter

FM Safelink - 2 year warranty - Up to 1 acre

  • Max Cable Capacity 300m approx 1 acre
  • FM Safelink
  • No inteference from metal fencing, wires elec cables
  • Flexible training levels
  • Range settings & loop monitor
  • Audible break warning
  • 2 YearWarranty

R12 or R12 mini receiver collar

FM Safelink - 2 year warranty - 2 year battery life - 4 correction levels

  • Light weight & compact only R12 = 48g or R12mini = 30g
  • Longest battery life worldwide - R12 = 2 years or R12 mini = 6 months
  • 4 x correction levels + beep only
  • FM safelink ® 
  • FastReact ® software 
  • Waterproof to 10ft 
  • Lifetime warranty (inc dog chews)* 
  • Auto shutdown Anti Linger 
  • High Impact case 
  • Response hang on time less than 0.1 sec!

How our Service Works

Let a professional take care of your dog fence

Upon booking your package we will arrange an installation date which fits into your shcedule. On the morning of installation our engineer will walk your boundary with you and disscuss the best layout and installation method to suit you, your property and your pets needs.  There are many layout options and we will try our best to use these get the best out of your area.


When we have agreed the best possible layout and cable route our engineer will get to work installing your boundary wire and dog fence system. When we have installed the system we will adjust the signal range to suit your boundary and your dog.  Training Flags will then be placed around the boundary at the edge of the signal zone where your pet hears a warning sound.  These flags are used at the start as a visual aid to help in the training process, after a few weeks you can gradually remove these flags.


When we have everything set up and put in place, we will comence the training process, first we will train you on how the system works its features and what you need to check for.  When you are happy with the operational side of the system we will move on to training your pet, we will gently introduce your pet to the system watching for all the right signs that we want to see from your pet.  We will set the receiver collar to the correct setting for your pet based on its reaction from the introduction to the correction level. We will show you the training method that you need to carry out over the next few days and give you as much information and advise as you need.  We are always happy to help at any stage should you face any difficulties or have any uncertanties.

'DogWatch is the only radio dog fence to have a 2 year battery life on receiver collars'

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