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Training Tips

Understanding the Purpose of Training
Training is a method of changing your dog’s behavior. When used properly, the BarkCollar will help you shape your dog’s barking behaviors. The BarkCollar was designed to reduce and eliminate excessive barking behavior.


Dog Personalities and Traits
Keep in mind that dog personalities and traits differ among and within breeds.
It is important to understand your dog’s unique personality.
Remember, a dog who is easily distracted may take longer to train. Understanding your dog will make the training easier for both of you!

Proper fitting of the Bark Collar
For maximum effectiveness, it is important that the BarkCollar is fit properly.
The collar strap should sit directly behind your dog’s ears – the smallest part of the dog’s neck.
The Collar should fit snugly so that the contact posts on the BarkCollar will detect the vibration of your dogs bark. The contact posts must consistently touch your dog’s skin.
The Bark Collar should be centered below the dogs chin in order to sense the dog’s bark. If the collar is too loose, or if the collar is placed too far from the center of the dog’s neck, the bark may not be detected or the dog may not feel the vibration or stimulation.

Using the BarkCollar

  • Keep the bark collar on during the day or whenever the dog is mostly likely to be barking excessively.
  • Allow your dog time to associate the vibration or stimulation with their barking.
  • When the BarkCollar is set appropriately, most dogs eventually figure out that the sensation stops when the barking stops. Some dogs learn quickly; other dogs may learn over a longer period of time.
  • If your dog continues to bark with no reduction or change in barking behavior after a reasonable trial period, make sure that the collar is fit properly or increase one setting. Remember, never increase more than one setting at a time.


Using the Bark-Counter
The Bark-Counter is a feature that provides information about how often the collar is activated. This is especially helpful if you are not there to observe your dogs barking behavior. The Bark-Counter is displayed through the battery status light. The number of flashes correlates to the number of activations.

2 Flashes – 1-5 activations
3 Flashes – 6-10 activations
4 Flashes – 11-15 activations
5 Flashes – 15+ activations

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