Professional Installation & Training Service

Installation of a DogWatch Hidden Fence


DogFence Ireland offer two options for installing our hidden fences (often referred to as electric dog fences), you can either book our Professional Installation & Training service to install and train you and your dogs or cats on the system or purchase the fence as a mail order system to self install and train yourself. All our systems use the latest technology and we are proud to boast the lightest collars worldwide, coupled together with our professional installation service we guarantee to contain your pet!


Professional Installation & Training Service


DogFence are unique as we are the Irish Company to offer Professional installation & onsite training with you and your pet. With over 7 years of experience in the field, together with a training programme developed by DogWatch and pet behaviorists we obtain a 100% success rate on all Installed Systems. To further show our commitment and certainty we offer a *containment guarantee on all our installed systems.


How does the installation service work?


Firstly it is not necessary to visit your property to give you a price for your pet fence; we consider this to be a selling exercise. We simply need an approximate idea of the area to be fenced and your location in Ireland plus your breed and age of pet. We are able to install on any terrain including woodland, steep slopes, formal gardens and through streams and paddocks.


On the day of installation the trainer will walk around the property with you to discuss the best route for the boundary cable and locate a suitable electric supply for the transmitter. We are looking to give your pet maximum room in the area (safety zone) for the pet but also looking to prevent a possible boundary cable break. Where possible we bury the cable but in some situations it maybe preferable for the cable to be placed above ground.


We always ensure that we install your system to the highest standards by using our discreet cable laying machine which makes minimal disturbance to your formal lawns and reduces the chances of a cable break. All our cable is heavy duty to further protect your system. After burial a small groove (approx 6mm may be seen for few days). The cable will be buried under your driveway (tarmac & concrete drives will receive a small 6mm cut which will be sealed afterwards, gravel and loose surfaces will receive a conduit to take the cable).


Training your dog or cat to the pet fence


At DogFence Ireland we understand that no pet is the same, two dogs or cats from the same litter can be vastly different in personality and, therefore, all our receiver collars have flexible training levels..All our engineer/trainers are skilled in reading & understanding your pet, the engineer will determine and set the training level on your dogs collar. As with people dogs & cats have different personailities – no two pets are the same. Our collars can be fine tuned to fit your pet's requirements and when combined with our training programme we are able to train your pet gently and calmly to the system.


Once your DogWatch system is installed the installer/trainer will flag the boundary in preparation for the training of the pet/s to the hidden fence. If you have more than one dog he will carry out the training individually.


The trainer will go through a comprehensive training programme with each pet individually (cats are trained indoors using our Dogwatch patent pending training protocol). We run through an audible only session with collar set only to beep in order to familiarize the dog with the training flags and the new boundary. We always insert the training flags around the boundary even on the largest of installations (350 acres). The trainer is looking for some subtle reactions and once satisfied that the dog is connecting the audible warning to the flags he will move on to set the training level (shock) on the receiver collar. Every pet is different and the training level will depend on the age, breed, personality etc of your dog. Some dogs are more prey driven and others may show more pack instinct so it is important to find the correct level for each individual.


The trainer will usually involve the customer in the final stage of the programme (distraction training). This is to ensure that when the dog is in full flight mode (chasing the rabbit, squirrel etc) the trainer and owner are satisfied that the dog will stop when he/she hears the warning beep and is going to stop. Once satisfied that the dog fully understands the system the trainer will hand over the dog/s to the customer. In most cases we will ask the customer to follow a small reinforcing programme for 2 – 3 days after installation (approx 10 mins per day), this will also be laid out in a small handout to you.


Our trainer will also run through the operation of the equipment, correct collar fit for your pet and setting the training levels for future reference. He will also run through taking the dog out of the property for a walk post installation and testing and general day to day operation of the system. We are proud to be able to boast a 100% success rate on our installed systems! After the installation the training notes are returned to the office and a record of your dogs collar size, training level and notes that the installer may have made with regard to your pet will be stored for future reference.


Our training protocol is gentle & effective, it is sound behavioral conditioning at work. Consistency is the key. So simple. So effective.


We are always on hand to answer any queries/concerns that you may have with your system and or dog/s.


Lifetime Containment Guarantee*


If you use our installation & training service we guarantee to keep your dog safe at home for the lifetime that you are using the system provided that the customers agrees to use the system correctly, keeping the receiver collar correctly fitted and to change the batteries at the agreed intervals. Containment guarantee does not apply to cats.


Post Installation Service


DogFence Ireland staff are always on hand to help you with any questions that you may have with regard to your hidden fence system. Your pet's behavior may change over the years and we are always happy to give on going support & advice to guarantee the safe containment of your pet in future years.


Self installation of DogWatch hidden pet fences


If you decide to self install we will provide you with an installation & training DVD for the System 1200 & Performance Series fences and as much telephone support as required. The cable does not have to be buried; it can be tacked to existing fencing, threaded through hedging or simply surface laid. Should you decide to self install we will supply you with same heavy duty cable that we use on our installed systems. We are always only a phone call away and our years in the field experience will enable us to guide you through the installation & training process.


All pets are different, as with people, they all have different personalities and we advise our customers not to expect each dog to react in the same way. Some dogs require very little training, accepting and understanding the fence easily, whereas others need reassurance and guidance to gain confidence in this new concept. All dogs should be proficient with the system within 10 days. We are happy to advise you on the correct collar fit and training levels suitable for your breed and age of dog.


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