Repair & Maintenance

When your dog fence is out your dog gets out.


Most breaks to the boundary cable will be easily traceable as they tend to happen when there has been work done near the boundary, so if you hear the audible warning coming from your dog fence transmitter always try to get a good look around the boundary as soon as possible as it will be easier to retrace your sets.  If you find the break on the cable it is easily fixed using a watterproof connect that is supplied along with your electronic dog fence kit.


Your pet will have learned to respect the boundaries you have put in place and it is quite unlikely that your pet will test the boundary when the fence is out of operation, you should have a few days or in some cases months to get the fence fixed.  We would recommend repairing as soon as possible as every dog is different and some may learn that the boundary is off quite quickly, by not hearing the warning sound from the receiver collar and may proceed futher and futher across the would be correction zone.


It is not always the case that the break will be easily found so protect your investment by hiring us to to repair your boundary fence.  With our Repair and maintenance service you can be sure that your electronic dog fence will always be operational. We have equipment to help us find the break even if the cable is buried we can trace the signal to where it stops and repair the cable in this area.


If you have another brand of electric dog fence we can repair the boundary cable, but if there is a problem with any of the equipment we cannot match your exact brand.  Although we can upgrade your system to DogWatch at a discounted price.

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