SideWalker - Dog walking training collar

The New DogWatch SideWalker is an inovative solution to dog walking problems, it is a great alternative to choke chains or dog walking harnesses.


Choke chains are designed to eventually stop your dog tugging or pulling while walking but not without causing physical pain and injuries.  It is horible walking your dog listening to it gag and choke itself to its pain barrier.


Dog walking harnesses are designed to make it more comfortable for your dog which makes it easier for your dog to drag you down the road.  Your dog can catch you by suprise and tug the lead out of your hand, lose your balance and lose your dog.


What the SideWalker does is eliminate the need for both of these products.  Your dog learns very quickly that when it tugs or pulls it instantly receives a correction in the form of a vibration or adjustable progressive stimulation levels.  


The dog walking training collar has multiple microprocessors and sensors to determine when to apply influence to your dog when he pulls on lead while walking, keeping the training message clearly associated with the behaviour.


Walking larger or multiple dogs is no longer a problem...


There's Nothing else like this! 

  • Digital Software
  • 5 adjustable settings, including vibration
  • Progressive levels within each setting
  • Waterproof Collar
  • Low battery indicator LED
  • Lightweight
  • 1-Year Full Warranty
The SideWalker - Pounds
129.00 GBP

The SideWalker leash trainer - £129

The SideWalker - Euro
179.00 EUR

The SideWalker leash trainer - €179


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